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It is with much sadness that I must announce that Coed Cherry is shutting down after 18 wonderful years

If you want to understand why and read about what we went through for 2 months to try and save the site, including the outpouring of support and suggestions from everyone who reached out to us, click here

This page will stay up as a tribute to what I built myself from nothing and kept alive and healthy for nearly two decades

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Our Story

In 2003 I was a 21 year-old unemployed software developer living in a small-ish city that had no tech jobs what-so-ever. This is was during the major NASDAQ "dot com" crash of 2002, so even in big cities tech jobs were dry and it didn't help that I was just starting out in my career.

My wife and I were new parents and had a choice to make: move our family to a big city, away from everyone and everything we know, to take a job doing network admin stuff that I wasn't super thrilled about OR ... use my talents to make money online. I started making "free" adult websites that earned income by promoting affiliate programs.

CoedCherry was launched in January 2004. That means it's 18 years-old this year. Ironic, isn't it?

CoedCherry is older than PornHub. It's older than YouTube. It's older than Facebook.

A Coed Cherry design concept circa 2005. As you can see the font and cherries from the logo stuck.
Coed Cherry Circa 2005

CoedCherry was the most successful of the sites I made by far, and eventually I shut down all the others.

I built this site from scratch myself. I wrote every single line of code. I maintained the web servers. I kept it updated. All from home working by myself and with some help from my wife.

In 2013 I was making enough money through the site that it was worth incorporating the business.

Some "behind the scenes" pics of the admin console:

Coed Cherry Admin Console Coed Cherry Admin Console Coed Cherry Admin Console Coed Cherry Admin Console Coed Cherry Admin Console Coed Cherry Admin Console

In 2018 I accepted a job offer in Toronto and became a full time Software Engineer again. We kept the site online on our free time.

To everyone who has sent me emails telling me how much you dig the site, to everyone who has supported us over the years, who sent us letters with ideas and suggestions and words of encouragement ...


- Garett

Much appreciate your awesome site. You and your wife do an awesome job of organizing so much content. Thanks, David
I'm mad at the forces taking the site offline.
Let me know if there is something I can do...
Garett, you have a great site, very artistic, frankly, and I can't understand anybody objecting to it in particular. There will always be a certain segment who object to adult sites in general, for whatever reason. Nevertheless, as you point out, your site is entirely legal, and your business has an impeccable record.
I am so sorry for what they are doing to you. Coedcherry is mythical, I've known her for a long time and she was my inspiration to create Herscretlingerie, a page that I created a long time ago and that I had to close because it didn't pay my expenses. Then I was left alone with twitter and they kicked me out. I don't know what's going on with the world, erotic photography is legendary and maybe it was the beginning of professional photography. I hope you find a bank that accepts you, but ask ccbill to send you checks so you can exchange them at any bank, here in Spain I have never had any problems with that. A hug and please do not close.
Hey, I've enjoyed using your site. I hope you get your banking issues sorted and can keep running. Thank-you and good luck for the future! P
I have been a coedcherry follower for many years. Since 2007 I have logged on to coed cherry on a daily basis, (I have never missed a single day) when I had that 5-10 minutes in the morning waiting to get started at work or relaxing at home. I looked forward to it everyday! I'm super sad to see you guys have to close it down. I've tried other sites similar to yours, but it will never be the same. Coed cherry is my favorite. Thank you for the years you've provided, good luck!
I never thought I'd be getting to know the proprietor of an adult site that I've been visiting since the mid-2000's. I'm sure we all have different reasons for coming here, so I wanted to thank you for, literally, hundreds of hours of entertainment and healing. Whatever happens going forward, I wish you and your family the best
It sounds like you might be wrapping things up here soon. You mentioned on the page that you appreciate support, so I thought I'd drop a quick line. You've been my go to site for adult pics for a long time now - long enough that I'm not sure about next alternatives. It's the internet, so I'm sure I won't have problems finding porn, but your site was cleanly designed and your tastes were great. I'm an American, so unfortunately I have zero ideas about banking in Canada, but I just want to say good luck in your future endeavors, and thanks for everything.
thank you for being there for all of us that need this entanment again your success was a tribute to us
Im so sorry for what you're going through, sucks a lot. You've built something awesome and millions of people enjoy it.
I read your scripts and my heart goes to your family and you. People/ corporations and the like, are unhelpful and mean, most times. I have often watched CoedCherry and I know how much effort you have put in to float your website. I feel selfish and ungentlemanly browsing through your site and not being grateful and thankful; towards your endeavor.
I'm a long time fan of your coedcherry website and I just wanted to say thank you for all your work over the years and diligent frequent content updates. It sucks to hear that you're running into all these issues with bank funding to run the page, as it does feel like North America is teetering on the big "R" word. Banks definitely have their b-holes clenched tight right now as their unsure of the economic direction, something I've noticed in my industry progressively in the past 4 months (RV Sales & Financing). I think smaller credit unions could be your saving grace if you can find the right one to play ball with you, and if not and things have to head in the other direction is was a hell of a run. Let's hope it doesn't have to come to that.
Good luck with everything going forward and I'll keep an eye out for any other updates.
Sorry to hear about your problems with the bank, I hope you get this resolved would be gutted to lose one of my fav websites.
Just wanted to take a moment to let you know I appreciate your time, efforts and quality sites.
It's obvious you and your partner have put much time and work to make such a quality and consistent site. I've been a regular visitor from pretty much the beginning, 2013. As part of my regular ritual of coffee and Coed Cherry for breakfast, it was something good to start the day. I knew you had the best site and would always be at the top of my bookmarks.
Since your post of losing banking support and having shut down, it just bothers me. It's been a source of your income and for me a moment in time where I can escape the crushing reality of life. I can argue that it's just not fair that you’re backed into a corner making a difficult decision. But few things are fair anymore.
I am truly saddened that one morning you'll be gone having left a farewell note. Worse than losing a girlfriend. Losing all my girlfriends I see everyday.
I wish there were some way I might help but am unable to anything. Normally, I wouldn't contact a website but this one in particular has been a staple of consistency and high quality. I felt it was important that you know I care and it does matter to me.
It was so disappointing to see you couldn't find a bank who had the balls to back you. That's SUCH bullshit my friend. You had THE best, most well organized, intuitive picture congregate website I've ever used. Honestly you should sue the bank for keepin PH up, and those guys actually had the bad stuff on their site.

The lack of ads and simple design were the cherry on top. I only wish there was a way I could've saved my favorite models before the shutdown.

If there's anywhere you will be to post updates on future endeavors I'll definitely be interested. I'm going to check the domain from time to time to see if you resurrected it.

You have tremendous integrity, and have my upmost respect. If I'm ever in Canada for work I'd be down to buy you and your wife a beer (or a case) for the hard ass work you've done for us wankers ;)

Best regards,

If you read to the end, thanks! If you're looking to read about what we went through for 2-3 months to try and save the site, what we learned, why we failed click here